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ECC provides services to a wide range of industries using 
the latest technology. 

UAV inspections and aerial videography performed using full 360 rotating 4K cameras with zoom for exceptional detail and quality. 

Bridges, Highway infrastructure

ECC Inspections is well rounded in the inspection and consulting on bridges in both the private sector and government funded projects. We specialize in draw bridges through our extensive service to numerous draw bridges throughout the state of Maryland and surrounding states.  

Marine vessels for Coast Guard and Navy

Our NACE certified inspectors proudly provide our services to Navy and Coast Guard vessels of all sizes. 

Water storage tanks and WWTP

Along with ships and bridges, we also consult on coatings projects for above ground water storage tanks including composites, standpipes, witches hats and legged elevated tanks. We also provide testing such as adhesion testing and holiday tests on waste water treatment plants.

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